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The Rays of Sunshine Concert June 7th Royal Albert Hall

JLS, Conor Maynard, Diversity, Stooshe and Spelbound are amongst the acts to perform at what is set to be an incredible night of entertainment. The show will be hosted by Kiss Fms Melvin and the gorgeous Rochelle from the Saturdays!

Tickets start at £25 and will be on sale from 9am on April 4th from the Royal Albert Hall box office…


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JLS sing for charity!

JLS: Proud - New single for Sports Relief 2012

‘Proud’ is this years official Sport Relief single. Watch the video and if you like it go buy it and if you dont still buy it as its money going to charity and not the artist.





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Poetry Update

Manchester - Word Up March 29th

More info click here

Newcastle - Apples and Snakes March 22nd

More info click here

London - Kat Francios too many dates…


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Free Art!

For a limited time, I am offering to hand create a free postcard sized piece of art for everybody and anybody!

All you need to do is contact me. Tell me who you are, what you would like and where I should then post this to.

I can make it personalised or if you would just prefer something a little more random, just let me know.

So, contact me now. Tell me a little something about you. Tell me nothing. Write whatever you please and what you would like.

You may reach…


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Bursting out of the box - Jan/Feb 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of Bursting out of the box.

Below you will see a image version of the PDF, to access the full PDF with clickable links please see the attached PDF file.

Comments and feedback welcome and if you want to write for the newsletter or have anything you think you can add let us know.…


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What day is it?

What day is it?

To kids it’s a fun day, adults it’s a glum day, cold alcoholics it might just be a rum day.

Floor is white and sky so grey, no doubt about it, this is snow on a Sunday!

To men it’s a sports on a sofa day, ladies catch up on soap opera day, back to work tomorrow so not a popular…


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Gary Tipping-artist review

“Another great music video by British singer/songwriter Gary Tipping and starring Indian model/actress Geeta Vij. This is a well written and produced acoustic pop song which once again showcases Gary’s musical abilities and an excellent music video which once again showcases Gary’s directing abilities. This is the second time Geeta Vij has appeared in one of Gary’s music videos and she lights up the video with her warm personality. Well done to the both of you.…


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DJ play that again!

Dear AB'ers
I thought I would give you a musical education of the hottest urban DJ's around at the moment. If you need any of these for your event just let us know


DJ Stylez J (I dont even know what people call this, grimmie south or something) -


DJ Chuckster (Chucky) he goes by too many names!…


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Brand Evaluation: The Omogo Reloaded Logo


According to O'Guin,… Continue

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'Fifteen' - brilliant play by 15 young people all aged 15.

And so Islngton's Platform Festival continues.  I was able to catch a wonderful play at the Rosemary Branch Theatre about what it means to be fifteen.  Whether you're 15, 25, 35 or older, 'Fifteen' manages to capture and strike a chord with all of us who have all been fifteen years old in our lifetime.


Brilliant sketches touching on the events, celebrations, cultures and at time politics affecting us as fifteen year olds.  The fifteen year old who is about to join the army,…


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Islington's Platform Festival, 15-31 July 2011

Islington's youth arts festival has arrived and off to a great start.  Running for two weeks, the festival not only provides some dynamic performances and workshops from young people from Islington but the event launches the new venue and youth hub 'Platform' on the Hornsey Road.


For those North London swimmers out there, you'll remember the venue as the old Hornsey Road Baths/Swimming Pool and no doubt you'll be pleased when you see what a bit of Council funding and input…


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Earth's greatest stories crowd-illustrated by emerging artists around the world



*Speedy P breakdown before you get into the meaty stuff... "what is this all about, well its making money from drawing some neat pics to go with a classic book, how? follow the Speedy P 3-point guide"


1) Take a classic tale

2) Draw some pictures to depict what is going on throughout the tale…


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Who has been stealing our ideas!

Hello my AB friends, 


So guess who has stolen our idea to remix a song and the best remix wins... none other than waka waka herself Shakira!


As you know we came up with the Pick and Remix comp first, Shakira is now doing the same and asking you to download the accapella version of her new track, remix it and then submit. Check out her version of our comp click the image below.



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Download our album

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Chutney in the Street

“Chutney in the Street! Is a specially-formed troupe

of professional musicians, singers and dancers performing an original piece

with new songs inspired by the popular musical style of the Indo-Caribbean

communities of Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname.”


The first paragraph…


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Pick and Remix Competition Part Two: the Remix


Ok people, part one of this competition is over. If you missed it… where were you? Basically, we here at the…


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January/February Issue of Bursting out of the BOX!

Hi all,


Welcome to the January - February issue of Bursting out of the Box, yes we are changing the format to bi-monthly. The design has changed and as you will see from this issue we are making sure the exciting developments in members creative lives are shared with all.


We want to here from you, let us know…


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Pick and (re)-mix competition details

Is that your song that’s got everyone talking? Is that your remix creating all that fuss? Well, it could be you and if you read on, we’ll tell you how.


The Artist Box team are proud to bring to you a competition like no other.  A real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. A two-part extravaganza just for you, our treasured members. The competition comprises of two parts and that means there are two - yes two - winners!


Are you creative enough to give it your best…


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My Yoot, Wot you wearing?

My Yoot, Wot you wearing?…


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Gary Tipping-artist review

"Congratulations to British singer/songwriter Gary Tipping. His ‘Promo’ video has received the Country Music Broadcasting Award for Achievement in Performance, and is in the running for 2010 Official CMB Video Awards.

His songs have been favorably compared to the likes of John Lennon and Paul Simon in their composition, and his gentle…


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