Ok a new concept for me, how about i show you my work in progress through Poetry? Well here's my first you tell me what you think, should I do some more or chuck it down the sink?


What would happen if I wore a Burka and a hoody, would you call me a Asbo Muslim would that then make you as racist as Jade Goody?


Your deceptive racism claiming you can’t communicate with those who are dressed differently from you, out of curiosity how many people on a daily basis you don’t know do you say hello to?


White’s in DM’s and little hair on their heads, those evil sinister people want all of coloured skins dead, ban the boots get rid of them I say, I cant invite them for dinner no way no way.


Is my statement ridiculous, well now look at yours, leave the Burka at home well as long as your fashion statements stay indoors, what right do you have to make judgement on a culture you wont embrace? And why won’t you because you say you cant see their face!


Your misconceptions just ignorant deception to persecute a race, your freedom to express oneself a hypocritical disgrace! A community that does not integrate and yet you ask others to act like you, so if the clothes fit then should they not do as you do?


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